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GolferPal is a company that specializes in delivering the best this generation has to offer in push trolleys.

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GolferPal’s goal is to bring a new perspective into the golf industry. Our team is constantly conjuring up ways we can infuse modern technological advances with a centuries-year old beloved game.

Our team of engineers has many years of experience in the field of electrical and mechanical engineering. The push trolleys that GolferPal engineers is not only efficient, but innovative in its design and function. We bring to the market a new kind of push trolley that will revolutionize the way golfers use their trolley.

GolferPal was established by a group of engineers working at a technology company that specializes in engineering high-end computer parts. The decision to branch into golf occurred when a group of four engineers and avid golfers at the company were out golfing together.

With technology innovation at the forefront of their minds, they came upon an interesting idea. “Why don’t they have an electric push trolley that folds by itself?” The struggle of trying to pry open a push trolley accompanied by aching back pains set them on a mission to create a push trolley that makes the vying task of folding and unfolding easy. The result of endless research and resources was GolferPal’s first product: the EasyPal.